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Want to get a good idea of what your companies safety culture is like? Sit back and watch them from a distance, or better yet from above.


Your employees behavior when they think no one is looking, will most likely tell you everything you need to know. When workers are taking risks when nobody’s looking, it proves there’s a problem with the safety culture.


With our planned Drone Surveillance we can review your drivers actions during daylight hours.  This is ideal for start of shift when the drivers are completing their Pre-Trip Inspections or at the end of shift to monitor Post-Trip Inspections.


We can also plan and review worksite locations to help identify any unsafe practices, poor driving behaviors. Our footage can be used for team training or other meaningful actions necessary to help you reduce the risks that could lead to an incident which may result in injury or death.


The goal of our safety programs is to change employees’ perceptions, attitudes, beliefs, and values about safety so that their behavior changes as well.

Drone Fleet Surveillance of Drivers

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