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Our Mission

Our mission, and utmost priority, at Front Range Compliance Services, LLC, is to provide our clients with all the essential DOT Compliance Services and the highest quality training offered in the industry. Our dedicated and responsive service has been proven to improve our client’s CSA safety scores, decrease the risks associated with transportation, improve safety, and reduce commercial motor vehicle accidents. We are committed to maintaining excellence, respect and integrity in all aspects of our operations. In our partnerships with the commercial vehicle operators of the United States, we assure that the privacy of our clients and partners is held with the highest ethical standards.

It is our goal to keep you off the radar. 

Who We Are

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Front Range Compliance Services, LLC, was first started in 2012 following our owner’s, Ryan Byers, departure from the Colorado State Patrol. Ryan worked in the Motor Carrier Safety Unit (MCSAP) as a certified Safety Investigator and national Master Instructor for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s National Training Center. Ryan’s goal when creating FRCS was to keep companies Off The Radar, and who better to do that than the man who helped to develop the FMCSA and state training programs.

Since 2012, Front Range Compliance has successfully helped thousands of companies not only in Colorado but throughout the United States. The FRCS team has developed more than 20 compliance trainings, offered throughout the United States, completely revamped hundreds of compliance programs, and has revolutionized the DOT training industry through the development of DOT University, an online training platform.

About Us

Who We Are
Our Mission
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Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Ryan Byers
Owner of Front Range Compliance Services, LLC 

Ryan was raised on a cattle ranch in Western Colorado in a small Community known as Pea Green. He was heavily involved in 4-H throughout his upbringing and continued his participation throughout his schooling. Alongside his dedication to 4-H, Ryan was also involved in athletics. After high school, Ryan attended Fort Lewis College.

    After College, Ryan returned to the Pea Green area to fulfill his dream of being a cattle rancher.  During this time Ryan also worked in the logging industry where he quickly became acquainted with the trucking industry. 

After years of struggling in the cattle market, Ryan decided to join the Police Academy and later became a Deputy Sheriff in Delta County, Colorado. Four years later, Ryan was hired by the Colorado State Patrol as a State Trooper and continued to be stationed in Delta. 

    During Ryan’s time as a state trooper he received certification to complete CVSA North American Standard Level 1 Commercial Vehicle Inspections. In 2003, Ryan was promoted to the Rank of Technician, upon his promotion Ryan was transferred to the Denver Metro area to work in the Colorado State Patrol - Motor Carrier Safety Unit (MCSAP). 

Front Range Compliance Services Owner Ryan Byers

While at the MCSAP Unit, Ryan became a certified Safety Investigator and national trainer for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s National Training Center.  

    Ryan assisted the FMCSA in the development of course of training programs for North American Standard Inspection Procedures (NAS) for the United States mainland and training specifically designed for Alaska and the Hawaiian Islands. Ryan became one of the FMCSA’s first Master Instructors and began training instructors in the NAS course procedures and Instructor Development.

    After CSA-2010 went live in the United States, Ryan was witnessing the profound affect it was having on Motor Carriers and decided to leave the Colorado State Patrol at the end of 2011 to form the company Front Range Compliance Services and begin working with companies who utilize commercial motor vehicles in their day to day operations.  Ryan’s goal is to provide a reliable and valuable DOT Compliance Services to help Motor Carriers with a USDOT Number to stay off the Radar.

    To date Ryan and his staff have assisted thousands of companies throughout the United States in operating with safer practices and maintaining a satisfactory level of compliance.

Nicole Hall
Director of Compliance Programs
Account Manager Nicole Hall

    Nicole spent her childhood in Denver, where she lived with her family. She attended college at Everest, receiving her degree in Accounting.

    Nicole’s career in the DOT industry began as a child riding around with her father in his semi while he was hauling cattle. Every summer she would sit right next to him talking on the CB and filling in his log books. As she got older she started to do all of his DOT fillings.

    Upon graduation from college, Nicole started her career in the transportation industry at Navajo Express as a safety assistant. Nicole continued to grow her knowledge and moved up in the company to being the Safety Supervisor. As a safety supervisor, it was Nicole’s main responsibility to oversee their DOT compliance program within the company. She also became a certified Drug Collector in 2015 and maintained compliance within the Drug and Alcohol Program.

    In 2017, Nicole became a member of the Front Range Compliance Team, overseeing the Drug and Alcohol Program. As well as maintaining the DOT Compliance Programs of carriers of all sizes and completing DOT Safety Programs.

  Nicole is very skilled in many programs, to include DOT Compliance

Program Setups, Compliance Assessments of current DOT Compliance Programs, Drug and Alcohol Programs, Maintaining of DOT Compliance Programs, Federal and State Audits, Safety Management Plans and Training. 

Tina Hall
Compliance & Account Manager
Account Manager Tina Hall

   Tina grew up with her family in Commerce City, Colorado. She attended college at Concorde Career College in Aurora, Colorado where she got her degree as a medical assistant.

    Tina worked in the medical field for a year prior to the birth of her first child. To take care of her kids, Tina spent her time as a stay at home mom and later welcomed her second child into the world.

    When Tina came back into the workforce she decided to stray away from the medical field and instead started working in the transportation industry. Tina first started at Navajo Express as a billing specialist. Later, Tina went on to work as an accounting associate for Denney Transport.

    Tina’s knowledge and experience of the transportation industry comes from her father who was a driver for 41 years. Through her time at Navajo and Denney, Tina built her knowledge in the realm of compliance.

    Tina took this knowledge to Front Range Compliance Services, LLC where she was hired as a Compliance & Account Manager. Tina has been working in the transportation industry for six years. She is very skilled in maintaining and setting up DOT Compliance Programs as well as compliance assessments of current DOT Compliance Programs.

Lucas Byers

    Lucas was raised by his father in Arvada, Colorado. In 2013, the family moved to Northern Colorado to further develop the family business, Front Range Compliance Services. Luke first showed an interest in the company at a young age while helping out with inspections.

    Lucas started working with Front Range Compliance in the fall of 2019, where he learned the ins and outs of all the compliance programs FRCS offers. Since 2019, his Department of Transportation knowledge has only expanded. He has taken over the annual inspections for Front Range Compliance Service's clients and started producing training videos for the company's YouTube channel and social media. Lucas received certification in the Adobe Creative Cloud for video editing as well as a certification from the Drone Pilot School, allowing for commercial use of the drone.

    Lucas was instrumental in the development of DOT University courses, the online training platform offered by Front Range Compliance. His hard work and dedication to our clients ensured that all of the online courses were high quality and full of information.

Video Production and Vehicle Inspection Specialist
Inspection Specialist Luke  Byers

    Luke’s knowledge of the DOT industry stems from his time working with Independent Painting and Coating, where Luke surfaced and reconditioned bridges and overpasses while also being employed as a driver for the company. His years spent with Front Range Compliance Services have only expanded on the already existing knowledge and he hopes to eventually take on clients of his own. 

    Lucas is currently employed as a Video Production and Vehicle Inspection Specialist.


Why Choose FRCS?

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Any company can claim to be best in the business, but Front Range Compliance Services, LLC, has been proven to truly be the best. 

Here at FRCS, we are proud to offer one of the widest variety of products and services in the DOT Compliance industry. Through our compliance management programs, trainings, audit preparation, drug and alcohol testing program and other services, we have the knowledge and skillset to assist in any capacity.


We offer state of the art training to carriers and drivers necessary to maintaining compliance, to include Appendix A and Periodic Inspection procedures trainings only available through FRCS. We strive to work with our clients, ensuring that each program we make is drafted specifically for your company's needs.


We are constantly updating our programs and training in accordance with the most up to date, relevant rules and regulations provided by the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Association. We strive to provide clients with the top of the line compliance services ensuring that each of our clients is keeping with our motto, Stay Off The Radar.


We are always looking to expand our team and our knowledge so that we are better equipped and more suited to the many facets of the DOT field. Our team of diverse professionals is guaranteed to meet your company’s needs and fit into your specific style. Front Range Compliance brings you the star employee you never knew you needed.

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