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Having and Maintaining a Compliance Program

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

It goes without saying, having and maintaining a DOT compliance program should be a company’s number one priority. Unfortunately, too often these programs get neglected and cut back most generally to save cost but reducing expenses.

Having a DOT Compliance Program

Both the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Association and State Enforcement Agencies require all companies who use commercial motor vehicles within their operations to have a D.O.T. Safety Management Compliance, Safety, and Training Program in place.

Failure to have these programs will ultimately lead to excessive costs due to roadside enforcement or out-of-service violations, enforcement compliance audits, excessive vehicle maintenance expenses, which will all result in down time for your company. Additionally, failing to maintain an adequate safety and compliance program can potentially lead to increased vehicle accidents, that will likely cost your company more fines and down time.

All too often we get a 9-11 call from companies urgently requesting us to come in and revamp their D.O.T. Compliance Program for an upcoming audit. Many of these events result in us having to completely build their compliance program from the ground up. Not to mention the audit is scheduled start in the next couple days, which forced a rushed program build. Rushing these compliance programs just before a compliance audit will be evident to the investigator.

Regardless, it is always in your best interest to get the program in place no matter how soon an audit may be. Having the programs in place will dramatically decrease the severity of the violations and remove most Acute and Critical Violations.

The great news is, Front Range Compliance Services is specially equipped to handle these type of situations. With that in mind, we would love to work with you and your program long before a compliance investigation. Taking a proactive approach to your D.O.T. Programs is a clear path to success while reducing your risks associated with transportation.

In the event of the 9-11 compliance call, we will work with you and your team to get the best program in place, provided the time allowed. After the audit, we will continue to work with your program in order to maintain a satisfactory level of compliance. We will not come in a help you cover up the violations just to get by. Working with Front Range Compliance Services is a commitment to safety for your company and community.

Maintaining a DOT Compliance Program

Maintaining the program takes a legitimate commitment safety because, in the transportation world, the environment is forever changing. Every day presents new challenges and constantly requires companies to make adjustments to operate in the evolving climate.

Developing and implementing a program that can be duplicated and maintained is our speciality. We can be a hands on or hands off as you need. Our Account Managers work hard to keep you informed and keep your programs heading in the right direction.

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Make sure to check out our online DOT Training, DOT University! We currently are offering Reasonable Suspicion for Supervisors, Cargo Securement and Defensive Driving. In the coming months we plan on releasing Pre/Post Trip Inspection, Designated Employer Representative, and Appendix A.

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