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FMCSA exemptions for Medical Cards has ended

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

The FMCSA’s COVID-19 waiver for MEC expired on February 28, 2022. The Colorado DMV has initiated cancellations of CDL privileges and automatic downgrade to a non-commercial license for drivers with an expired MEC. The cancellation process began April 15, 2022, and letters will be sent to the affected drivers, giving them 20-days from the date of the letter to obtain and provide the new MEC to the DMV if they choose.

A review of department information indicates that the normal number of CDL cancellations for expired MEC that would have occurred throughout the pandemic and waiver period total approximately 27,000 drivers. As a result, it is anticipated that a similar number of drivers will receive these notifications, with the 20-day window of time provided to submit a renewed MEC If desired.

Colorado Drivers may submit renewals online here, email to, or by fax at 303-205-5709. They may also contact the CDL Unit by phone at 303-205-5922 option 3 for any questions.

Compliance Notice: Changes to the Driver Qualification (DQ) File Requirements

The FMCSA rule changes issues in January and March 2022 will impact several parts of the DQ file requirements for all drivers of regulated Commercial Motor Vehicles (Both CDL & Non-CDL Drivers.)

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