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MVR Breakdown

Driver Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs) are a critical piece of the driver qualification process required for all drivers, CDL and non-CDL. All people hired to operate a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) are subject to having an MVR pulled according to the Driver Qualification requirements of 49 CFR 391.

Blank Motor Vehicle Record

What is an MVR?

An MVR is a driving record that tracks on-road performance, featuring only documented incidents and violations that have occurred for each and every driver.

What is on an MVR?

The information on an MVR is nearly identical to the information on a driver's license. The biggest difference between the two are the license expiration, status, license class, endorsements, restrictions, traffic violations, accidents, vehicular crimes, suspensions and precautions you should take when operating a vehicle. These could include medical restrictions like corrective lenses or an air brakes endorsement, if applicable.

How often do MVRs need to be checked?

It is required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration that MVRs are checked upon hire of a new driver and minimum once annually after hire. Checking MVRs frequently allows motor carriers to stay up to date with all of their driver's information.

Insurance companies and MVRs

It is a common belief that insurance companies compete MVR checks. Your insurance company will run a soft screen to check the drivers status and insurability but not the FMCSA required MVR. If you think your provider is checking your driver’s MVR ask them for the copies. If they can’t provide the actual copy of the legal MVR, then no MVR has been completed and you must run them yourself.

Good news for you, Front Range Compliance Services (FRCS) can help with all things MVRs. As your trusted Third Party Administrator (TPA), FRCS would run your MVR checks so that you don't have to worry about it. Not only will we frequently check the MVRs for your drivers but we will also help you develop and manage an effective safety program ensuring that you stay off the radar!

For more information about how FRCS can help you with your safety programs and MVRs click the link below!

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Stay off the radar!!

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