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Could your company survive a DOT Compliance Evaluation?

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

By completing Internal Compliance Audits your company will be more prepared in the event of an official audit. Internal Audits provide proactive approaches to reducing the risks associated the operation of Commercial Motor Vehicles and keep your company off the radar!

Want to know if your company would survive a DOT Federal/State Compliance Audit?

A Federal or State #Compliance Audit can cost your company thousands of dollars in fines and could result in an ordered shut down of all commercial vehicle operations depending on the severity of the violations. Commercial vehicle companies can also be shut down for an abundance of violations, no matter how small each violation may seem. Conducting internal compliance audits will not only protect your company, but will protect the community you are operating in.

There are many ways to prepare your company for audits, but the most recommended would be to hire a third party compliance expert to develop the internal audit program. By taking a proactive approach to safety and using a 3rd party Safety/ Compliance Auditor you’ll be able to identify those pitfalls that create substantial risks that could be facing your organization. This will allow for corrective measures to be implemented and the risks associated with commercial motor vehicle operations to be reduced.

How to prepare:

• Conduct an Internal #Audit • Identify all Acute/Critical Deficiencies

• Evaluate Safety Management System • Policy & Procedure • Roles & Responsibilities

• Take Corrective Action • Train your Team • Specific training focused to improve deficiencies

• Regular Training Sessions

Finding a 3rd Party Compliance Expert:

When searching for a third party compliance expert, you need to find the most credible person with the most experience. Finding someone who has worked multiple different sides of the industry would also be in your best interest because they will have a better understanding of the industry.

We recommend that you contact Front Range Compliance Services, LLC to help your company set up this program, along with many other compliance needs. Front Range Compliance has assisted thousands of companies across the United States in adjusting their compliance programs to be more prepared in the event of an audit. Our owner, Ryan Byers, is specially qualified because of his time in the Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program with the Colorado State Patrol and his years spent helping clients stay off the state patrol's radar! Visit us at or call us at 720-951-1184 for further information!

Make sure to check out our online DOT Training, DOT University! We currently are offering Reasonable Suspicion for Supervisors, Cargo Securement and Defensive Driving. In the coming months we plan on releasing Pre/Post Trip Inspection, Designated Employer Representative, and Appendix A.

Until then, check out our other blogs or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to be the first to know when new classes are made available or for other updates like this! You can also opt-in to our newsletter for exclusive offers, regulation changes, and industry news!

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