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ATRI Marijuana Legalization Impact Survey

With marijuana being legalized in nearly half the states across the country, the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) is collecting data on the impact of marijuana legalization on the trucking industry’s workforce. This was identified as a top priority in 2022 by ATRI’s Research Advisory Committee and will expand on ATRI’s 2019 study on the impacts of marijuana legalization on roadway safety.

The survey consists of 24 questions, and will take approximately 3-5 minutes to finish. The questions in the survey range from state of carrier operations to changes in drug tests to opinions on different testing methods.

Motor carrier staff and executives familiar with driver recruitment, retention and drug testing practices and trends are asked to share their input through the online survey. This timely research will provide insight into the specific challenges motor carriers face as the use of recreational marijuana grows in the U.S. The findings should also provide insight into approaches the industry can take to address these challenges.

Many states are moving quickly to legalize recreational marijuana use, and the rapid change over the past five years and into the next five years has been and will continue to directly impact fleets and the workforce. This research will help assess these impacts and help the transportation industry move forward in the right direction.

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