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DOT Training Brought Directly to You

Training in the trucking industry is crucial, not only for compliance purposes but for the overall safety of your company. However, getting drivers, maintenance technicians and supervisors in one place at a time that works for everyone is a real challenge. Especially, when that means your company's operations might have to slow or stop for the day.

This is the entire reason we built DOT University!

Ryan Byers, Front Range Compliance Services, teaching a class at Colorado Motor Carrier Association

DOT University brings updated and relevant Department of Transportation training directly to you, for you and your employees to complete at a time that works for everyone without completely shutting down operations for the day.

DOT University

Our trainings are great for both initial and refresher training, for new and seasoned employees. We recommend refresher training for Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) required classes at least every two years to ensure drivers and techs are knowledgeable of any updates to the regulations. This also ensures that your employees understand proper procedures.

Classes currently being offered online through DOT University:

This class certifies supervisors of CDL drivers and PHMSA employees in identifying the signs of drug and alcohol use/misuse along with proper reporting procedures. Students will learn how to handle various situations with employees, how to deal with a failed test and much more.

In this course students learn the principles of SAFER and improve their ability to recognize hazards, anticipate actions and react to various scenarios. The course is recommended for both CDL and non-CDL drivers, providing a certificate to your insurance can also potentially bring your insurance premium down.

This course aims to familiarize students with the FMCSA cargo securement regulations, 49 CFR 393. Students will learn how to properly secure machinery, understand different tiedowns and their defects, and how to secure loads for both weight and length. By the end of the course, students will have gained an understanding of the general applications and specific requirements for cargo securement.

In Pre/Post Trip Inspection training, students will learn the requirements of a pre/post trip inspection. This class has emphasis on hydraulic brake power units and trailers with electric brakes. The class comes with a virtual walk around so drivers can better visualize walking around their vehicle.

All courses have a 14-day enrollment period, and provide a training certificate upon completion. For a limited time, use code FRCSBLOG for 10% off the purchase of any of our available classes!

We are currently working on releasing Periodic Annual Inspection Training for maintenance technicians, DOT Compliance Basics which dives into everything motor carriers and owner operators need to know to be compliant with the FMCSA, and Pre/Post Trip Inspection Training for large combination drivers.

If you would like to request any classes be offered or want more information about current or future classes please contact us at the link below! We also offer specials for large companies looking to enroll large groups, contact us at (720) 951-5808.

Keep your people trained and stay off the radar!!!

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