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Safety Management Cycle

The Safety Management Cycle (SMC) was designed to help with keeping safety-minded business practices in place to help new and established motor carriers.

POLICIES AND PROCEDURES — Operational rules and processes for a motor carrier and its employees.

  • Do you have policies and/or procedures in place for all areas of safety, especially those FMCSA has noted as weaknesses?

ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES — Expectations and assignment of duties for a motor carrier and its employees.

  • Are the roles and responsibilities of employees in your company clearly defined?

QUALIFICATIONS AND HIRING — Find and qualify people for the defined roles and responsibilities.


  • Are your job descriptions well written and visible to the right audience? Are you getting enough applicants?


Have you hired employees who are not qualified for the position due to:

  • lack of background investigation, or poor understanding of, the skills, knowledge, and abilities needed for the job?

TRAINING AND COMMUNICATION — Ongoing process to ensure that a motor carrier and its employees have the proper skills and knowledge to complete their jobs.


  1. Do you have adequate and effective training in place? Refresher Training?

  • Are your participants evaluated to see if they understand training material?


  1. Are you communicating effectively with your employees?

  • Do your communication methods match the needs of the situation? Frequency? Understandable format? Language?

MONITORING AND TRACKING — Ensure that a motor carrier and its employees are in compliance with policies, procedures, roles and responsibilities.

  • Do you have a process for frequent monitoring and tracking your employees?

  • Are you documenting any behavior monitoring adequately? Is the right behavior being tracked?

MEANINGFUL ACTION — Provide positive reinforcement to improve or correct employee behavior.

  • Are you able to effectively assess the monitoring and tracking data and select the appropriate meaningful action?

  • Are you implementing a disciplinary process when appropriate?

  • Are you implementing an incentive reward and recognition program?

  • Are you implementing improvements to safety management processes?

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