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RESCHEDULED! Virtual Reasonable Suspicion Training December 8th, 2022

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

The Flood and Peterson November Risk Control Outreach has been rescheduled for December 8th! Join us virtually, December 8th, from 8:30 to 11:30 for Reasonable Suspicion Supervisor Training, as part of Flood & Peterson's December Risk Control Outreach!

The objective of Reasonable Suspicion Drug & Alcohol Supervisor Training is to certify supervisors of CDL drivers to identify the signs of drug and alcohol use/misuse within their organization and the proper reporting procedures.

Class Content:

  • Rules of Reasonable Suspicion

  • Drug & Alcohol Testing Programs

  • Prohibited Substances

  • Definition of Reasonable Suspicion

  • Signs and Symptoms of Drug & Alcohol use/misuse

  • Identifying a Hangover

  • Workplace Scenarios

  • Required Forms and Documentation

Reasonable Suspicion Training is required by the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration for all supervisors of CDL Drivers. It is required that supervisors take the training once, however we recommend that carriers enroll their supervisors in Reasonable Suspicion Training every few years to maintain current knowledge of today's substance abuse signs as well as the required reporting procedures.

The class can be purchased for $75 per person through the link below. Sign up now!!

If you are unable to attend the virtual training on December 8th, check out our online training platform, DOT University! We offer Reasonable Suspicion Training available to you, at your convenience.

The purchase of RST through DOT University allows for a 14-day enrollment period for $100. Use code FP2022 for $25 off the purchase of RST through DOT University!

Make sure to check out our online DOT Training platform, DOT University! We currently are offering Reasonable Suspicion for Supervisors, Cargo Securement and Defensive Driving. In the coming months we plan on releasing Pre/Post Trip Inspection, Designated Employer Representative, and Appendix A.

Until then, check out our other blogs or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to be the first to know when new classes are made available or for other updates like this! You can also opt-in to our newsletter for exclusive offers, regulation changes, and industry news!

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