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Colorado Port of Entry Intelligent Imaging System

Newest technology - Thermal Brake Testing Devices – East and West Bound Dumont, South Bound Monument, Trinidad

Technology is constantly advancing, making life as we know it more convenient. This is true in every industry in the world, but especially the transportation industry. One of the most recent technological advancements to hit the industry is the Intelligent Imaging System (IIS) being used at some of the Colorado Port of Entry locations.

The Intelligent Imaging System is an Infrared Brake Inspection System which is designed to assist inspectors in quickly and easily identifying vehicles with defective wheel compartments. This technology allows port of entry officers to detect issues that wouldn't have been spotted otherwise.

The IIS takes photos of the front of the vehicle for identification and infrared photos of the wheel components. The infrared photos can measure the heat signature of brakes, tires, and wheel bearings, which are then automatically processed and presented to the enforcement personnel working at the port of entry.

The vehicles that display potential risks or defects are flagged. Enforcement personnel and staff are notified and proceed to further inspect the defective vehicle components. It is essential to look at the wheels to properly diagnose the defect. The thermal brake testing system provides awareness to POE officers of problems with wheels, tires, or brakes that they might not have observed. The system enhances the officer’s ability to increase safety for CMVs and passenger drivers.

Top violations:

o Cold Brakes – 8,561 Violations

  • This shows us that there are issues with the brake components. Could have previously overheated brakes that could cause the brakes to lock up, be inoperative, and be cold. This can also be from damaged or broken parts such as the calipers, drums, brake pads, slack adjusters, defective ABS components, the emergency system, etc.

o Hot Tire – 5,921 Violations

  • Likely caused by excessive braking, defective components, under/over inflated tire, or hauling heavy loads.

o Tire Warning – 3,630 Violations

  • Can be a low, flat or over inflated tire. Many tire warnings occur in conjunction with heavier loads and under-inflated tires.

o Hot Wheel – 2,759 Violations

  • Usually associated with hot brakes and hot tires. The brakes are excessively hot compared to the others, could be caused by excessive braking, loose wheel fasteners or cracked wheels.

The breakdown for each Port of Entry is as follows:


Cold Brakes: 1,198 alerts

Hot Tire: 728 alerts

Hot Wheel: 82 alerts


Hot Tire: 396 alerts

Hot Wheel: 152 alerts

Cold Brakes: 102 alerts

Dumont West Bound:

Cold brakes: 4,277 alerts

Hot Tire: 1,167 alerts

Hot Wheel: 567 alerts

Dumont East Bound:

Tire Warning: 3,630 alerts

Cold Brakes: 3,074 alerts

Hot Wheel: 1,958 alerts

Just because violations are found on a motor vehicle passing through the Port of Entry doesn't automatically mean that vehicle will be placed out-of-service. The IIS allows Port of Entry officers to be proactive in making drivers aware of potential issues or hazards associated with their vehicle.

The goal of the ISS system being used is not to shut down motor carriers or place vehicles out of service, but rather increase safety and even save lives.

The Colorado Port of Entry is currently operating the Intelligent Imaging System at Monument, Dumont (east and west) and Trinidad port of entries.

For more information about the Intelligent Imaging System reach out to Officer Amy Hosier, District Supervisor for the Dumont Port of Entry at or Director Kristie Nixon, Director of the Colorado Port of Entries at

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