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Truck Driver Shortage

There are a lot of benefits to being a truck driver, but with those benefits comes some sacrifices. Unfortunately for the industry, there appears to be a shortage of qualified drivers because many drivers have retired from the industry or gotten jobs with better working conditions.

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The COVID-19 virus put a hurt on the industry because of stay-home orders and manufacturing shutdowns. This led to many of the near-retirement drivers to completely retire from the industry. Outside of that, many drivers have since left the industry in search of career paths with better working conditions and more flexible schedules.

Truck Driver Shortage in US

Statistics show that there has been a shortage of truck drivers since the year 2019. Currently, according to the American Trucking Associations, the United States reports a whopping shortage of around 78,000 drivers. Industry experts estimate that the shortage of drivers is just going to continue to grow.

Reasons for the shortage:

  • High Driver Turnover. Many people are interested in becoming drivers, but have a hard time finding the company that is right for them. Many drivers feel underappreciated and even underpaid, so they leave their current company in search of better benefits and working conditions.

  • Expensive Mandated Training. The FMCSA mandates that all drivers entering the industry go through Entry Level Driver Training and this training can be very costly for people entering the industry.

  • Uncertain Future. Technology impacts every industry, and the trucking industry is often the last to see the new advancements. One of the biggest technological advancements on the horizon for the industry is autonomous trucks. Some drivers are afraid of being replaced by these vehicles and have reluctance to join or stay in the industry.

  • High Level of Risk. There are many dangers that come with being a truck driver. The industry's main concern is safety, and is constantly evolving to allow for safer on and off the road practices.

  • Away From Support System. Truck drivers basically live on the road for days at a time, so they spend a lot of time away from their home, family and friends.

Something needs to change in order to make a difference in the increased amount of needed drivers.

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