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Temporary Hours of Service Exemption for Fuel Transporters - March 2, 2023

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

In conjunction with surrounding states, the Colorado State Patrol announced a temporary exemption regarding Hours of Service for fuel transporters. This exemption was previously through January 31, 2023, but has just been extended through March 2nd.

The temporary exemption is approved from 8CCR 1507-1 MCS 6, Part 395.3, Hours of Service for transport haulers of consumer heating fuels, propane, and natural gas. Due to an imminent fuel shortage for gasoline and diesel fuels the state has also approved the same exemption for commercial transporters of gasoline and diesel.

The exemption will last through March 2, 2023 and only applies to commercial transporters who are hauling heating fuels, propane, natural gas, diesel and gasoline.

Other applicable federal regulations will still apply to the drivers. Carriers are responsible for monitoring their drivers for fatigue, controlled substance and alcohol use.

Please see the full statement from the Colorado State Patrol below.

To download the letter, please click the link below.

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